Elevate Your Role:
Become a Super Admin

Empower Your Prop Firm with Advanced Management Tool

Manager Dashboard

Get the hole control of your prop firm users, manage your sales, balance, cohort stats, and many things that will take your prop firm to the next level

role manager prop firm tech

Role Manager

Assign roles to your users, invite them, and provide access to specific features of your prop firm, all in one dashboard.

Create/Decline Challenges

Effortlessly Create or Decline Challenges. You’re in Control.

Challenge details

Deep Dive into Performance. Track, Assess, and Optimize for Success.

Create Step by Step

Your challenges never be easier to create, just in 4 steps you can create your prop firms challenges

The best integrations tools

Defend Against Fraud with Our Advanced Detection Tools.

Safeguard your property firm against fraud with our cutting-edge detection feature.

Full Solution

Full Solution for your prop firm, all the technology that your prop firm needs

API Solution

Transform your trading firm with our versatile API. Customize platforms, boost data connectivity, automate trading, and innovate freely for a competitive edge

From Startups to Giants, We’ve Got You Covered.
Seamless Setup and Migration.

We support you in creating new prop firms, and if you are not satisfied with your tech provider, we also assist with migration to PFT.

Providing proprietary trading experiences within new and existing prop trading firms

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