Terms of Service PFT

Regarding the white-label prop license and the service scope provided by Proprietary Firm Tech FZCO.

Currently, we are offering direct connections with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader platforms. DX Trade connection will be released soon. TradeLocker and Nelogical platforms will be supported for connection by June/July 2024.

Any other unofficial or deprecated versions of the above platforms are not supported to guarantee a high level of performance.

With our direct partnership with Spotware, we can offer a brokerless environment with cTrader demo accounts for your prop business. You can ask the business developer regarding this.

According to the setup plan selected, you can be eligible for a small landing to be your commercial cornerstone. We will give you 3 different design options; once the template is chosen, our team will cover the first version of a WordPress landing connected with Woocommerce to launch your business. Finally, only 3 small changes are accepted in copywriting or colors.

To start it is mandatory to already count with a domain and a full-managed hosting plan based on WordPress. You also need the payment gateways already approved (fully compatible with Woocommerce as mentioned in the Third-party Providers section). When the prop business is in production all of the changes will be covered by yourself.

From the commercial landing perspective, we will not cover any domain subscription nor hosting plan license. We can suggest recommended hosting providers (see the Third-party Providers section), but you need to subscribe to it according to the scalability expected.

The white-label prop license the following fixed components/features: Challenge Status, Web Trader*, Swiset Analytics*, Payout Eligibility and Request View, Trader Settings, Automated Challenge Engine with Supported Rules, Automated Certifications**, Affiliate Programs**, PSP Integrations**, Automated KYC**,  Sales and Challenges Overview, Basic Challenge Management and Lifecycle, Basic Dealing Actions*, Manual KYC Submissions and View, Movements View, Payouts Requests View, Prop Settings, Fraud Detection Engine*, Tournaments*, and Leaderboard. Verify everything included in your WL according to the selected setup plan.

On the other hand, the WL provides our licensed trader dashboard, our licensed admin dashboard (CRM), and our licensed transactional email templates with your look and feel. We will attach your branding parameters such as:

  • Full Logo.
  • Responsive Logo.
  • Favicon.
  • 3 brand colors spread across the dashboard experience.
  • Light or Dark Themes (if desired).
  • Custom Domain.
  • Custom banners on each transactional email.
  • Social Links on CTAs.

Additionally, you can be eligible (according to the setup plan selected) with 3 fixed design options for the commercial landing and 3 fixed design options for the Challenge Status tab on the trader dashboard.

* This feature depends on the platform, broker, or LP specs.
** This feature is external and depends on third-party services.

These are the standard rules and conditions that we are supporting without any additional fee and setup time:

  • Max. Equity Drawdown.
  • Max. Trailing Drawdown (with high watermark).
  • Daily Loss Limit.
  • Daily Loss Limit (Highest at EOD, UTC-0).
  • One-Step or N-Steps Challenges.
  • Basic Payout Eligibility Methods.
    1. Required Calendar Days & 2) Required Calendar Days + Min. Trading Days

Min Trading Days Rule and Consistency Rule will be supported by the end of June 2024. If you need any other rule aside from the ones mentioned before, it will be treated as extra-customization.

Every request aside from the license components/features and the license scope will count as an extra custom requirement. We are open to evaluating extra features or extra customization within our Product Team, but we reserve the right to approve a new requirement and its internal conditions. We will notify you about the request within the next 7 labor days after your initial requisition.

An approved request can carry additional upfront fees and time estimates that can depend on the UI components, the server complexity, the broker/platform conditions, or the third-party capabilities.

For the Premium setup plan, you’ll have direct chat access to our Support Team, who typically responds to the dashboard and technical inquiries within 20-45 minutes. For other setup plans, we enable a ticket-based support, ensuring your queries are addressed within 1-3 hours. This approach allows us to efficiently manage and resolve multiple inquiries while maintaining a high level of service.

Please note that response times may be longer during weekends, and US holidays due to reduced staffing. We strive to minimize any delays and appreciate your understanding during these periods.

In the event of system outages or technical glitches, our support channels—direct chat and support desk—serve as your first point of contact. Our Product & Support Team is readily available to address major downtimes affecting trader and admin dashboards. For issues related to external services, please reach out to them first for prompt assistance.

We prioritize clear and efficient communication to resolve any technical issues swiftly. Our dedicated team ensures that disruptions are minimized, providing timely updates and solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.

It is your responsibility as a business to apply and be approved for third-party providers such as Payment Gateways, Hosting, Badges & Certificates, KYC, Payout Processors, Banks, or other external services. PFT can suggest some vendors per case, but the submissions or approvals are not part of our services.

Nowadays, we are supporting fast integrations with:

  • Any Woocommerce-compatible PSP for payments,
  • Accredible for Funded and Payout Credentials,
  • Post Affiliate Pro for Affiliate System,
  • Hostinger for Hosting.

Any other provider or 3rd party service demands extra resources that need to be discussed in budget and time estimates.

Additionally, all third-party services, such as trading platforms, KYC, hosting, certifications, or external payment gateways, can cause several issues that affect the challenge experience. The fixes, severity, or issue progress for those providers will not be covered by our team.

Running your proprietary trading business is entirely your responsibility. While we can refer you to allied agencies, outsourced partners, or external services, the management of daily operations, support, marketing, and sales will be handled solely by your team. It is essential to establish a robust internal structure to ensure efficient and smooth operations.

Our server capacity scales in tandem with your business growth, ensuring that you have the necessary resources as you expand. However, it is important to note that our scalability is shared with broker/platform servers and other connected providers. This interconnectedness necessitates direct communication and reliable integrations with each IT department involved to maintain seamless performance and coordination.

To optimize operations and scalability, fostering strong relationships, work with official-only services and teams, and maintaining open lines of communication with all technical partners is crucial. By doing so, you can ensure that all systems work harmoniously, allowing your business to grow efficiently without compromising on performance or reliability.

From the admin dashboard, you and your staff will be able to see overall filtered analytics regarding sales (Total Sales, Total Funded Balance, Total Withdrawals) and marketing (Cohort Stats, Traffic per Country, Challenge Activity, Movements, and Payouts View).

On the other hand, you will have the capability to download the user list and the challenges list from the same admin dashboard, if you desire it for marketing & internal purposes.

Our systems leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its Web Application Firewall (WAF) to enhance security and protect against common web exploits. AWS provides a robust infrastructure with various security features, while WAF helps filter and monitor HTTP/HTTPS requests, blocking malicious traffic to safeguard our web applications. Despite these measures, it is important to note that our service does not include damage coverage, meaning we are not liable for any losses or damages resulting from security breaches or hacking incidents.

We are committed to ensuring the security of your data through regular audits, encryption, and best practices. However, no system can be entirely foolproof, and we cannot guarantee 100% prevention of data leaks. Cyber threats are continually evolving, and new vulnerabilities can arise unexpectedly. We will make every effort to address any identified threats promptly and continuously improve our security measures, but we encourage clients to have their own protective measures in place.

As part of the Premium setup plan and as an add-on for others, you can have a Fraud Detection Engine to detect copy-trading, hedging, grid trading, and multiple IP-tracking. You need to verify this component and the scope of fraud detected in advance with the platform, broker, or LP specs.

Taurex (Formerly Zenfinex) is our partner for liquidity services.

We are supporting the trading of most of the US and Top Global Stocks, Top Currencies and CFDs, Top Commodities, Top Cryptocurrencies, and Major Indices in our back-office (please check the full list with your platform or broker deal). If your partnered broker/platform offers Synthetic Indexes or any other market with one of our supported trading platforms, we can evaluate the back-office integration to launch your challenges within those markets.

As a prop business, you can mitigate the chargebacks with third-party alternatives such as Chargeflow, ClearSale, or Fingerprint. Everything needs to be discussed and solved with your payment gateway provider.

Our DBs are cloud and encrypted cloud hosted on AWS with replication for multiple availability. The databases are relational, aimed at guaranteeing transactionality and data integrity under business logic. According to the Privacy Shield Framework and the GDPR, we are fully compliant. Everything is isolated logically between each vendor.